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Manufacturing of Striking Tools, Leading Employers, Manufacturers

Total Employees: 30

Company Description:

True Temper Hardware Company dates back to 1808 when it began as “The Old Stone Shop” in Wallingford, Vermont. Alexander Miller, a blacksmith, manufactured hoes, axes, nails, etc in the shop made of marble from a nearby quarry. In the 1830’s, Lyman Batcheller and sons acquired the shop and began forging a variety of agricultural forks. In 1902, Batcheller & Sons joined 16 other forging companies to form The American Fork and Hoe Company, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

National Manufacturing Day

National Manufacturing Day was a big success in Falls City!  EDGE hosted middle school students from Humboldt Table Rock Steinauer, Sacred Heart and Falls City Public for tours of our leading manufacturers.  Open Doors, Open Minds. Inspiring the next generation of manufactureres. Learn More

Falls City is Economic Development Ready

Falls City earned the prestigious Nebraska Economic Development Certified Community designation, a recognition of our community's economic development readiness. Learn More

View Our 2018 Annual Report

It is with great pleasure that we present the 2018 Annual Report of Falls City Economic Development and Growth Enterprise (EDGE). As you can see, we have realized another successful year on the economic development front with the area realizing some great projects in 2018. Learn More