Strategically Positioned and Building for the Future

Public Policy Statements

“EDGE is doing a great job at taking care of local business and creating a positive image for Falls City.  There is a different and new attitude in the community and EDGE is a definite asset to Falls City.”
Doug Wakins, General Manager • Airlanco

EDGE’s mission is to encourage economic growth and improve the business conditions of the greater Falls City area. Our goal is to develop a prosperous business community and growing job market—the foundations of a healthy economy. We are committed to collaborative approaches and solutions to issues that will enable our area to continue building, growing and prospering in the future. Our hope is current and future generations will choose to live and work here and enjoy a high standard of living.

In support of our mission and goal, the EDGE Board has adopted the following six key statements to guide our position and approach on public policy issues:

  • EDGE supports local and state policies, legislation, funding sources and programming that will enhance the business and regulatory climate for capital investment and job creation, especially those rural in nature and rural initiatives.
  • EDGE supports funding and programming for education and skills training at all levels that will provide for the development of a well-educated, highly trained and skilled workforce to meet the needs of our employers.
  • EDGE supports funding for infrastructure improvements that will provide the connectivity and capacity to enhance the development of Falls City/Richardson County as a growing industrial, commercial, residential and tourism destination. Specific projects include Falls City Municipal Airport, highways/streets and utilities. 
  • EDGE supports performance-based incentives and tax credits that will leverage private investment and stimulate economic growth and employment.
  • EDGE encourages the City of Falls City continually review, update and implement the City’s comprehensive plan—a guide for future growth and development, including land use and annexation. EDGE supports the use of tax increment financing (TIF) as an economic development tool to redevelop and revitalize areas of the community and expand business and housing developments.
  • EDGE supports main street, leisure and tourism developments that will generate new wealth and enhance the overall attractiveness of our area as a place to live, work and play. EDGE also supports collaborative efforts to market living, working and entrepreneurial opportunities that will attract and retain residents, workers, entrepreneurs and visitors to Falls City/Richardson County.

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Falls City is the county seat of Richardson County. The town square is the hub of business, government and professional services. Falls City is focused on revitalizing its downtown district and in 2010 was welcomed into the Heritage Nebraska Main Street Program. Visit the Falls City Chamber of Commerce/Main Street website to learn more.

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