Utilities and Telecommunications

falls city utilitiesMunicipal-Owned Utilities

Falls City Municipal Utilities provide gas and electric power and water and waste water treatment services at comparatively low rates.  Recent infrastructure expansions/improvements ensure reliable service and ample capacity for future growth and development.

To encourage and stimulate continued growth and development, the City reinvests a percentage of the revenue of municipal utilities in the community to support economic development.


Telecommunications services are provided by Southeast Nebraska Communications and Spectrum

Fiber-to-the Home Network

Southeast Nebraska Communications’ (SNC) Fiber-to-the-Home Network project is completed in Falls City - the largest community in the state of Nebraska to be 100 percent fiber optic.   The project received a total of $23.3 million dollars in funding from USDA Rural Development. The state-of-the-art network will connect virtually all households and businesses in SNC's service territory to fiber optic cable. The result: faster Internet, streaming video and movie downloads.  FTTH offers so much bandwidth capacity that growth in data demand for the next decades will be covered.  Falls City is wired for business with this next generation technology. Visit SNC's website for more information on the project. Download EDGE's informational brochure on opportunities the new FTTH networks offers for doing business, working and living in Falls City.

Falls City Gets Wired: SNC Fiber Optic Network Complete

"Officially called Fiber-To-The-Home, or FTTH, the system uses hair-thin strands of glass, arranged in bundles or cables, instead of copper wires to carry massive amounts of digital information over long distances. Signals are transmitted by light instead of electricity.  The result: faster Internet, streaming video and movie downloads."