Location Advantages

  • Main thoroughfares for Union Pacific and BNSF rail lines intersect in Falls City.
  • Falls City is one of few places in the Midwest with this much undeveloped land at the convergence of these 2 railroads.
  • With 4.2 million people living within 100 miles of Falls City, there’s no other city in the State of Nebraska with access to a larger population within that radius.
  • Falls City is investing $4.1 million to upgrade the antiquated electrical distribution system that supplies power throughout our downtown district and a few neighborhoods.

-Excerpt from Falls City EDGE's LB977 Testimony

You'll find Falls City is strategically positioned for business growth and development with a central mid-America location and access to transcontinental transportation networks, a job-ready workforce, pro-business climate and performance-based incentives and a wealth of business resources to help your business grow.  Falls City is also building for the future with a new state-of-the-art Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) telecommunications network, new and expanded utility infrastructure, expanded industrial park and new quality of living amenities attractive to working families.

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