1,017-acre Rail Site

Falls City EDGE has established a 1,017 acre megasite, the Mid-America Rail Campus, located south of city limits and extends 2.5 miles along the Union Pacific Railroad.

In partnership with Omaha Public Power District (OPPD), EDGE has worked with Olsson Engineers to create a master plan, while simultaneously securing funding to expand the site’s infrastructure capacity.

Mid-America Rail Campus Facts

  • Richardson County, NE does not have zoning regulations
  • 1,017 contiguous acres separated by county road
  • Usable acres is 700 on site with 50 more available northwest
  • Buildable Plots are 305, 250, 68, 32, 21, 11, and 8 acres
  • 187 wetland acres are designated for solar with 380 additional wetland acres north of the site along Nemaha River
  • 1,500 acres of pastureland a few miles west of the site potentially available for large solar infrastructure
  • Highway road is elevated 90 feet above track over a 1.17-mile stretch. This is the steepest stretch of grade on site.
  • There are no known barriers to construction