Target Industries

Mid-America Rail Campus Ideal for Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Logistics

Falls City EDGE is targeting several industries for the Mid-America Rail Campus, including the emerging Biofuel, Biodiesel, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) markets in Agriculture.  With a state GDP of $19.8 billion, manufacturing is the State of Nebraska's #1 industry sector, but an increase in electrical and power capacity will be needed for manufacturing at this site.  The large area of land that this rail campus provides, equidistant between Kansas City and Omaha, is ideal for shipping, logistics, storage, and warehousing.

Target Industries Poised for Growth in Falls City, Nebraska

The megasite does not have specific zoning requirements and we welcome conversations from companies of all types.

EDGE has identified specific industries that may be best suited for the site due to our current infrastructure, proximity to raw materials, workforce, and transportation assets. The emerging Biodiesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) markets rise to the top.

In addition, EDGE is actively recruiting the following industries:

  • Agriculture and Biofuels
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Construction
  • Wholesale Trade and Warehouse Storage
  • Data Storage

Recent Investments

Businesses are investing in Falls City. Companies are growing here with recent projects including:

  • FAST Global Solutions:  $400,000 for conference room and employee breakroom in 2023
  • Vantec Nebraska LLC:  Upgrades to industrial spec building, $4.4m in 2009
    • $1 million for additional injection-molding machines and 8-12 jobs in 2019
    • 250 kilowatt solar infrastructure investment in 2022
  • Falls City Foods:  2021 Community Development Block Grant recipient to modernize equipment
  • Consolidated Grain & Barge:  $23 million grain-handling and shipping facility along BNSF railroad
  • Airlanco/AGI:  Added 17,700 sq. ft. research facility and 15 jobs in 2012
  • Herzog:  60-acre expansion for facility and railcar repairs in 2010

The community is investing in itself as well. Recent investments include:

  • 2024:  Downtown Utilities Distribution System, $4.1m
  • 2023:  Wilderness Falls 3 Housing, $4.9 million
  • 2022
  • 2019:  Southeast Community College 10,000 sq. ft. Learning Center, $4m
  • 2016
    • Community Medical Center 23,000 sq. ft. Expansion, $8m
    • Wilderness Falls 2 Housing, $3m
    • Falls City Utilities Collection Well System, $1m
    • Falls City Utilities Backup Generation Engine at Power Plant, $11m
  • 2015:  Sacred Heart School, Roh Activity Center, $2.3m
  • 2012
    • New Missouri River Bridge at Rulo, $32m
    • Main Street Downtown Revitalization, $444k
    • Dallas Jones Park Ball Fields Renovation, $1.8m
  • 2010
    • Southeast Nebraska Communications - Fiber to the Home Network, $23.3m
    • Wilderness Falls Housing Development, $3m
    • Vision Inn Motel, $1m
  • 2009:  Community of the Year, Nebraska Diplomats
    • Community Medical Center 69,000 sq. ft., $21m
    • Falls City Utilities investment in new OPPD Coal Power Plant, $7m
    • Falls City Middle & High School HVAC Systems, $2.1m
    • Sacred Heart School Classroom Renovations, $1.3m
  • 2007
    • Industrial Park Road, $800k
    • Library & Arts Center $2.9m
  • 2006
    • Falls City Aquatic Park, $2.5m
    • Falls City Utilities Wastewater Plant Renovation, $4m
  • 2005:  Jug Brown Stadium Track and Turf, $1.25m
  • 2001:  Falls City High School addition, $5.9m