Workforce and Training

Falls City has a job-ready workforce.  You'll find the overall quality, skill level and stability of the workforce enable our  employers to enjoy high productivity levels.  To upgrade and enhance worker skills, the State of Nebraska offers customized, flexible job training assistance.  And within a 120-mile radius of Falls City, less than a 90-minute drive, are several colleges and universities offering a wide range of workforce skills training and professional development programs.

Labor Availability and Characteristics

The Richardson County Labor Basin Study was completed for Falls City Economic Development and Growth Enterprise (EDGE) in February of 2012 by The Docking Institute of Public Affairs, Fort Hayes State University, Hays, Kansas. The labor basin is comprised of nine counties in Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the available labor pool, including education, occupational experiences and skills, desired wage and benefits … and more.  Key findings of the study include:

  • The population of the Richardson County Labor Basin is estimated to be 62,305. The Civilian Labor Force (CLF) is estimated to be 34,126. The Institute estimates that 13,331 individuals are considered to be part of the Available Labor Pool.
  • Of the Available Labor Pool, an estimated 1,099 (8.2%) non-working and 2,117 (15.9%) working individuals are looking for new full-time employment, while 1,945 (14.6%) non-working and 8,170 (61.3%) working individuals would consider new and/or different full-time employment for the right opportunities.
  • Almost 70% of the Available Labor Pool has at least some college experience and 97.2% has at least a high school diploma.
  • An estimated 2,373 (17.8%) members of the Available Labor Pool currently work in general labor occupations (such as cleaning, construction, delivery and maintenance), while an additional 1,551 (11.6%) work in government services occupations (such as police and fire) or technical/high skill blue collar occupations (such as welder and lab technician).
  • An estimated 4,236 (31.8%) members of the Available Labor Pool currently work in service sector occupations (such as clerical worker, retail sales clerk, certified nurse’s assistant, small business manager), while an additional 2,126 (16.0%) work in white-collar professional occupations (such as administrator, doctor, teacher and professional sales).
  • Of the 10,287 members in the subset of employed members of the Available Labor Pool, 3,477 (34%) consider themselves underemployed.

Download the 2012 Richardson County Labor Basin Study.

Private Employment Services

QPS Employment Group serves the Falls City area.   QPS has placement expertise in a variety of career fields, including industrial, technical trade and office/clerical areas of employment. QPS offers several options to meet employers’ staffing needs from a Direct Placement program to Temp-to-hire option to Day-to-Day program. The firm provides pre-screening and can customize the evaluative processes to meet employers’ specific needs.  QPS's office is located in Falls City at 1210 Stone Street and is open daily Monday through Friday.  Visit QPS's website to learn more about their services.

Employee Training Incentives

Customized Job Training Advantage

The Nebraska Advantage incentive package provides a flexible and discretionary job training program with grants from $500 to $4,000 per qualified new job.  You can design your own training, or a statewide training team can assist with training needs and assessments, training plans, curriculum development and training instruction.  For more information of the program, go to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development's website.

Nebraska Worker Training Program

This program makes funding available to businesses for retraining and upgrading existing employees skills. Use of program funds is extremely flexible. The type and length of training programs, training vendors and materials are chosen by the company.  For more information on the program, visit the Nebraska Department of Labor’s website.

Nebraska Teleworker Job Creation Act

The Nebraska Teleworker Job Creation Act, which was signed into law on April 7, 2010, grants Nebraska companies tax credits for offering teleworker jobs to Nebraskans in eligible areas, including Falls City/Richardson County.  Falls City's advanced Fiber-to-the-Home Network makes us a smart location for at-home workers.  Under the bill, companies could qualify for reimbursement for training expenses of up to $300 per worker.   

Higher Education and Training Resources

Falls City employers and residents are in close proximity to a wealth of higher education and training resources in a multi-state area.  Following are major life-long learning centers less than a 90-minute drive of Falls City offering skills training and professional education and development programs.

Within a 60-mile radius:

Within a 100-mile radius:

Within a 120-mile radius:

Dream It. Do It.™ Nebraska

Falls City and the State of Nebraska have a rich and progressive tradition in the manufacturing industry.  To learn more about efforts to introduce young people to exciting manufacturing careers and the education and training needed to claim these careers, visit the Dream It. Do It Nebraska website.

If we can be of assistance with your workforce development needs, please contact us. All inquiries will be handled confidentially.