Our Development Partners Are Making the North Commercial Corridor Project Possible

Falls City Edge and the Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) are partnering as developers on the North Commercial Corridor project. Below are the companies and organizations that are supporting these efforts.

  • Rulo Transportation, Inc. won the bid to build 33rd Street at $771,234.10.
  • Community Medical Center pledged $250,000 to help fund the cost.
  • Rural Fire and Packrat Storage graciously sold part of their land to help create the right-of-ways for 33rd Street.
  • Olsson was hired as the 33rd Street Project Manager and Construction Engineers.
  • Felsburg, Holt, and Ullevig conducted a traffic study and created initial layout visuals.

Development Opportunities at the North Commercial Corridor

Corporate partners interested in development at the site are encouraged to contact EDGE. Investment opportunities for retail, medical, convenience, service, real estate, franchises, and hospitality businesses are available to silent and general partners. Those interested or even curious about starting a business, purchasing land, recruiting a franchise, leasing or building a space are encouraged to email EDGE, as are local investors.

33rd Street Groundbreaking

After 2-1/2 years of planning, the construction of 33rd Street began at the end of August with work being done by Rulo Transportation, LLC. The new street will connect Community Medical Center to Hwy 73 and provide an entrance to the new commercial development east of the highway.

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