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Monday, December 21, 2015

Each summer we have many college students who return home to work and now is the time to start thinking about positions your businesses may have available – or want to create-- this summer. I’m sending some information on the InternNE grant program which offers an opportunity to match 50-75% of wages paid to those college students working in your respective businesses. It’s a great way to give hands on experience to college students and it’s a great way to show them what opportunities are available right here at home. Merz Farm Equipment and Southeast Nebraska Communications have both used this program and I’d love to see other companies pursue the grant funds that are available. I’m happy to walk you through the application process so please give me a call to find out more about this program.

This program is available year around but I thought it would be beneficial to target summer opportunities when a majority of our local kids are home from college for the summer. Please consider applying in the rounds that are due December 31st or February 29th in order to allow enough time to not only be awarded funds but also work to find that intern to work with you this summer. We could have business/finance majors working at local banks or CPA firms; computer/IT majors working at a variety of businesses; ag majors working for ag based businesses; engineering majors working at a local industry; and so on.

For more information visit:…/talent-a-innovation-initiative/internne…

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