2015 Millennial Award

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Falls City EDGE’s new community based awards give recognition to individual winners of this inaugural year.  We created these awards in order to honor those who have been instrumental in making Falls City/Richardson County the place we enjoy today.  Individuals who dedicate themselves to excellence help make Falls City/Richardson County a vibrant place to do business, work and live.  We to recognized and celebrated this deserving group of people by showcasing them and their families during the 2015 Annual Banquet.  Every individual recognized are/were gifted with unique talents, perspectives and beliefs and they graciously shared these gifts with the community.

The 2015 Millennial Ward recognizes a young person between the ages of 15-30 years of age who is making extraordinary contributions to their community via leadership and volunteer efforts.  This person strongly believes in her community and has chosen to live, work and volunteer in her hometown of Falls City, NE.  She is a 2013 graduate of Sacred Heart High School and is one busy young lady! 

This year’s recipient was Rachel Aitken.

Rachel maintains a very full schedule yet finds time to give back to her community.  She holds two jobs; she is the manager at Sportin’ Falls City and is the trusty bookkeeper for Eric Froeschl Construction.  Rachel is a full time student, a member of the Falls City Volunteer Ambulance Squad and a graduate of the Lane Leadership program in Falls City.  Please join me in congratulating Rachel Aitken as the recipient of the 2015 Falls City EDGE Millennial Award. 

Thank you, Rachel, and keep up the good work.

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