BBQ Grand Opening

Monday, July 11, 2016

RKFC, Falls City’s newest industry, is up and running and we welcome them to the industrial park.  This addition adds a new sector, food processing, to our base of employers.  The company went through some major upgrades during the last year including infrastructure upgrades, a building addition and installation of equipment.  Company officials have also completed the hiring process for their initial pool of employees including a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspector who holds a permanent parking space at the facility.  It’s very exciting to see a building that has been empty for many years up and running once again.  RKFC shipped their first batch of international product in mid-March with the destination being down under in Australia.  The journey consisted of trucking to Kansas City where it was loaded onto a railcar to Los Angeles then on to an ocean liner headed toward Australia.  RKFC serves both domestic and international customers Falls City EDGE will recognize RKFC during our annual business and industry week BBQ on May 16th where master chef Bart Keller will be cooking up local products produced right at the Falls City facility located at 404 Pacific Street!  This will be the third year EDGE has hosted an event at the industrial park.  It gives us an opportunity to educate the public about the jobs available and the skills needed to successfully compete for the openings in the food processing, agriculture, metal manufacturing, plastics and service repair clusters.  It also gives us the chance to thank the businesses for the contributions they make to the area.  The event is open to the public so please plan on joining us in welcoming RKFC to the Falls City Industrial Park.  Look for additional details in the coming weeks.

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