Community Medical Center Groundbreaking

Monday, August 08, 2016

Community Medical Center celebrated the groundbreaking of their expansion and renovation project in May and many community members, business owners and government officials made it out for the special event.

Senator Dan Watermeier spoke on Falls City’s continuous efforts to improve and grow. “This happens down in Falls City so many times, it’s really incredible. I always say the same story, in the fact that, Falls City doesn’t take anything for granted. If they need it – they go out and get it. They go out and fundraise for it, they get around the government regulations, they work with the government agencies – they get it done! But this is something, to me, that is a shining example of the government staying out of the way and allowing the private parties and community to do what needs to be done. Recognizing what needs to be done!”

The Tanner Shelby Merz Foundation was also in attendance. Their non-profit organization focuses on raising awareness and understanding of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

CEO Ryan Larsen says, “We have representing the Tanner Shelby Merz Foundation, Marc and Sally Merz. We’ve been working with them for the last year or so about how we can improve access to neurological and brain injury services in our community and they were hopeful that this project would further some of those things.”

The new primary care clinic as well as half of the new surgical unit will be completed by March of 2017. The final stages of the project are expected to be completed the following spring. 

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