Sacred Heart to Open Day Care Center

Monday, September 26, 2016

Quality child care is a key strategy that ensures a community can remain a viable place in which to live, work and prosper.  Strong, reliable programs for our youngest children are needed for the same reasons communities strive to have a strong K-12 education system.  These children need a reliable foundation where they can learn to grow and become contributing members of society.  Adequate childcare is also a major factor in the overall health of the local workforce system.

The Sacred Heart Daycare and Learning Center will be a valuable addition to the Falls City community and will fill a need that has grown over time.  Falls City has seen a great deal of change and progress over the last 5 years and, as a result, the demand for quality childcare has increased.  Availability of childcare services is a key component in our ability to continue on this path of success as we strive to retain and grow a workforce who greatly rely on daycare services.   

The reasons we need additional daycare options in the Falls City community are many and include:

  • We have a record number manufacturing companies located in our industrial park and, today, they employ nearly 275 individuals. 
  • We have a regional unemployment rate between 3% - 4% which means most of the families in the area are employed and in need of daycare services.
  • The number of individuals looking for childcare services on social media has drastically increased in the last 1-2 years which validates families are in need of additional options.
  • There is a very low vacancy rate in our business district which is another indicator of a healthy economy and retailers need access to flexible daycare facilities.

Community development takes strategy and planning and Sacred Heart has done its due diligence in determining the need for additional services in Falls City.  This daycare center will give our business community the confidence that a reliable network of childcare is available.  Vicky Froeschl will manage daycare and facility operations and she will be supported by five eager part time helpers who are ready to foster the growth of our next generation.  Plans are that the facility will be up and running in August.  If you would like more information please contact Sacred Heart School at 402.245.4151.


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